Companies who use TenderScout, WIN MORE public sector tenders.

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"TenderScout gives us the means to scale our business into UK and European medical devices markets. After only 2 months of use, we're confident that we're finding more opportunities and getting a head start on the competition. Our intention is to roll TenderScout out across the organisation as best-practice for tendering" Seamus McAuley, Clinical Sales Specialist,

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What is TenderScout?

TenderScout is a game-changing market intelligence platform for Companies.

TenderScout enables Companies to build a pipeline of sales opportunities and to win more public sector business.

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A single source of public sector opportunities.

TenderScout helps sales managers and tender professionals to easily find new and future public sector business opportunities that are aligned with their areas of experience and expertise.

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Information based Decision Making.

TenderScout determines the ‘success profile’ of every single opportunity, enabling sales managers to make informed decisions regarding which opportunities represent the best chance of success.

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Increase success rates with partners.

TenderScout enables partnering between Companies who have complementary experience or expertise. By partnering with credible Companies, sales managers increase the scope of opportunities available to them and benefit from improved outcomes.

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Build compelling Proposals

While TenderScout has been labeled the market intelligence tool for Companies, we still value and hold important the need to realise the promise of new business opportunities. TenderScout enables sales and proposal teams to build compelling responses.

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Active Support

Stay focused on success.

TenderScout expertise is in understanding procurement issues and how to win tenders. Our Active Support Service enables businesses to focus on winning tenders without having to become experts in how to tender.

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TenderScout knows how to help Companies win tenders.

Since launching TenderScout in 2012, our clients have won an average of 83% of tenders they’ve competed for.

Our team is comprised of technologists, data analysts and procurement experts. Our expertise is in winning tenders – competitive intelligence, bid/no bid analysis, partnership development, bid management, tender preparation, tender evaluation, etc.

Our experience is based on our work with hundreds of tenders for both buyers and suppliers, right around the globe. We have won opportunities in sectors as diverse as medical devices, office supplies, recruitment, legal and ICT.

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