About Us


TenderScout knows how to help SMEs win tenders. The public sector is an exceptional source of business for almost any kind of product or service you can provide. Too often however, SMEs are reluctant to compete for this business, as the obstacles to participation seem insurmountable.

TenderScout’s is designed to meet the specific needs of SMEs when competing for tenders. Our mission is to increase SME success rates, while driving cost out of the tendering process.

Who we are?

TenderScout is founded by Tony Corrigan and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Our team is comprised of technologists, data analysts and procurement experts. Our expertise is based on our work with hundreds of tenders for both buyers and suppliers, right around the globe. We are passionate about increasing SME participation in public sector tendering and transforming the outcomes for SMEs.

What do we do?

Our service is unique in that it is focused around suppliers, rather than buyers. We support every stage of the supplier procurement lifecycle including:

  • • Pipeline development
  • • Opportunity identification
  • • Tender and competitor analysis
  • • Bid management
  • • Submission development; and
  • • Tender Consultancy.

How do we do it?

Our service is underpinned by the most comprehensive Irish tenders database and augmented by UK and European tenders.

TenderScouts innovative online platform puts the information and analytical tools, previously only the preserve of large companies at your fingertips. TenderScout creates opportunity pipelines specifically for your and online tools to evaluate the quality of those opportunities. You can perform a bid/no-bid analysis and identify partners to address gaps in your capability and credibility. This enables you to compete for bigger and better contracts.

At every stage of the procurement lifecycle, our consultants are on-hand to provide you with guidance and assistance. Rather than worrying about the process, you can focus on what makes your company and service really great!

What are the benefits?

TenderScout will increase your tendering success rates.

  1. You’ll minimise the chance of missing an opportunity that’s right for you (Irish and European opportunities)
  2. You’ll see contracts coming up for renewal over the next three years – and the details needed to start building relationships with buyers
  3. You’ll find collaborators who add credibility and strength to your tenders
  4. …and we’re always here to answer your tendering queries or to help find that critical piece of information you need.

I’m sold…what do I do now?

Sign up for a free (no credit-card required) trial here for full access and see for yourself what TenderScout can do for your business.

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